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SD|C and something… a little different.

About once a year SD|C takes on something extra, a little different from the norm. “Special Projects” refers to single instance special interest projects that are not part of our regular services but are within our scope. These are “one-off” projects Robyn has had the pleasure to either participate in as a team member or that she has accomplished individually.

Contact us to discuss a project you’re currently working on or an upcoming scheme. We would love to talk to you about your great ideas!

Limited Edition, Fine Art Photography

Sometimes we like to get outside our comfort zone and do something different. Special interest projects that are not part of our usual services but are within our wheelhouse to keep life interesting and keep us experimenting and growing in new areas. View all available prints for purchase by visiting our facebook shop @TBaySDC

Set Designer and Art Director:

Where the Poppies Grow (The Lakehead at War) by Ron Harpelle and Kelly Saxberg, Franco Finn Films

Trailer by Keegan Richard

Behind the Scenes filmed by Jorge De Leon, Edited by Keegan Richard

Photo montage by Keegan Richard

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Images by Keegan Richard, Jorge De Leon, Apple Wagon Films, SD|C

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