The NEW Kindermusik*Inspire program!

Kindermusik programs create engaging musical experiences to help your child grow cognitively, emotionally, physically, and socially. We bring caregivers along for the journey, providing you with opportunities to build community with fellow caregivers, and a wide variety of tools and knowledge to create moments that help to build a lasting bond between you and your child.

In every Kindermusik class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will experience music of varying styles, genres, and cultures. They’ll interact with other children and engage in movement, rhythm, and vocal activities that develop far more than just music skills. Our approach to early childhood education and award-winning, research-based, and developmentally appropriate curricula prime children for success in school and in life.    

Licensed Kindermusik Educators undergo rigorous training in the 3 P’s – pedagogy, play, and practice. Robyn Saxberg is a Kindermusik Accredited, licensed Educator. She began her Kindermusik journey in September 2021 when seeking classes for her own littles after COVID closures. When she discovered that Kindermusik was no longer offered in Thunder Bay, she felt obliged to ensure our city didn’t lose such a valuable educational resource. Following in the footsteps of other exceptional local Educators, Robyn is proud and delighted to bring back the musik!

Every regular session includes digital @home materials with access to Kindermusik online, (1) physical book from unit 1, (1) instrument, and 5 weeks of the in-person Kindermusik class experience!

Digital materials may be downloaded to your preferred device or printed and include at-home activities with information on developmental benefits, a Kindermusik album of songs from that unit, scores and lyric sheets.

* All required class materials are included in the cost.

* Please bring non-slip indoor activity shoes. If you need some, please let me know and I will provide slippers.

View the printable 2023 WINTER SCHEDULE here!

View the printable 2022 WINTER NEWSLETTER here!


We will have more scheduled baby classes in the future and we are now offering 100% custom baby classes! If you have a group of 5-9 baby/caregiver pairs, let us know and we will create a class that is tailored perfectly to your group, on a schedule that is right for you!



One on one classes and semi-private classes are now available. If you’re looking for a gentle introduction to group classes, we’ll out together a custom class to suit.


Anyone wishing to take part in a custom class but don’t have a group!

Caregivers with multiple children who they feel aren’t quite ready for a group setting.

Parents wanting a little more mental preparation time to get acclimated to the studio and class process before embarking on a group session.

Children with social anxiety and children on the Autism spectrum. We provide a fully supported session with a Recreational Therapist specializing in situational therapies.


SD|C is delighted and proud to partner with PROKids to provide greater access to our programming.

For more details and to apply for PROKids sponsorship:


Check back soon…

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