Multimedia and Brand Management

SD|C has been developing new opportunities for creative work and now offers Web and Graphic Design including full scale brand management as well as custom graphics and font styles for a truly tailored and unique look. We’re thrilled to be able to provide our clients with a wide range of services and we welcome your ideas.

We’re always fine tuning our online presence which means we don’t experiment with yours and we’re always on top of current trends and techniques to keep your brand, relevant.



Saxberg Design | Creative will create a new and exciting look for your logo with custom art or simply tweak an existing design you already love. Your finished design will consist of high quality image files to work with at your convenience.


SD|C has almost 5 years experience in web design having developed our content, copywriting, done our photography, produced and edited many of our images, designed and managed our site since 2016. We’re delighted to now offer these services to our clients.


SD|C uses a range of programs and techniques to coordinate your logos with additional title blocks, company letterhead, business cards, flyers and advertisements, newsletters. For an edgier look to your brand, we can create custom graffiti style fonts and patterns with coordinating graphics to tailor your entire brand identity to you and you alone.


SD|C has managed our brand identity since 2016… why wouldn’t we? We offer full scale brand management including website, print media, and social media presence for our clients. As your Brand Manager we will be your designer, your editor and your strategist.


We are truly a one-stop-shop, offering copywork, headshots, site and product photos, and “at work” photography to help you build brand content for your website, brochures, business cards, logos and more!

SD|C and Graphic Design

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